Band Agreements

Band Agreements


Arguably the most important contract a successful band will ever sign is the one between its own members. Surprising, then, that organising one is so often overlooked, even by lawyers busying themselves negotiating lucrative recording, publishing and other deals for their clients.
But consider: what do you do when your lead singer announces on the eve of your first major tour that he’s quitting the band?

How do you react when two or three band members suddenly declare that they’re leaving to set up a new group; oh, and by the way, they’re taking the name of your band with them…?

Or one of the band members suddenly decides that they ought to have a bigger share of the group’s earnings, and will make life difficult unless you agree?

And what do you do with a band member who’s no longer pulling their weight in the band? Can you remove them? What claims might they have against the band if you do?
And what if you are the expelled member? Do you have any rights?

Once members of a band go into battle with each other, it is generally “game over”. Even successful bands often find themselves unable to withstand the financial and emotional pressures of internal warfare.

While nothing in life is foolproof, an agreement entered into by band members with each other can at least minimise the risk of fall-out.
An inter-band agreement does three things:

  1. it promotes respect between band members, who come to realise (if they didn’t already) that they are in a legal relationship with each other, meaning they have rights and obligations affecting each other;
  2. it can have a deterrent effect against a band member thinking of rocking the boat; and
  3. if the worst happens and there is a serious split, it provides pointers as to what happens next and what everyone’s rights and obligations are in those particular circumstances.

We can draw up a relatively inexpensive and tailor-made contract specifically for your band which could help you avoid career-threatening problems like these in the future.

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